The Bigger Picture

Why we do what we do?
We see so many people around us overwhelmed with technological, social, environmental change, leaving them with insecurity and anxiety like we experienced. Despite living in one of the most affluent countries (Germany) most of the people here do not live meaningful and joyful lives. We want to change that.

How change is affecting us

Thinking & Feeling
Change breeds anxiety & depression.

Since 2013, millennials have seen a 47% increase in major depression diagnoses.
Change leads to job loss.

14% of the jobs will be lost because of automation, while 32% will change significantly in its content (OECD).
Decision Making
Change confuses us about what is meaningful and makes us happy.

Materialists have lower life satisfaction ratings than non-materialists.
"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."
- Stephen Hawking

Why are we not dealing with change?

Unconscious Arrogance
Knowledge illusions makes us believe we don't need to deal with change.
We simply don't know how to deal with 21st century change.
We don't want to deal with it because we believe we can't.
We don't want to deal with it because we are comfortable with how things are currently.
What made us inable to deal with change?
Nobody gave us guidance.
The current education system does not teach us to become independent thinkers but prepares us for the job market.
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Today, near-death experiences or a mid-life crisis seem the only reason to get us thinking about what really matters in life.
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