Stages Of Life

Where are you now?

Many people believe there's a period in life when you need to learn and study and a period in which you need to work

Due to transformative change this is not accurate anymore

The 4 Stages of Life

We aim to kickstart the self-discovery journey with you.
I. Mimicry (current education)
Learning by watching and mimicking others

GOAL: Learn how to function in society
PROBLEM: we don't develop autonomy

  • Absence of independent thought and personal values
  • Living other's definition of success
    II. Self Discovery - "Get to know yourself"
    Important because we have serious competition from tech/companies who want to get to know you better than yourself

    • What makes you unique and happy
    • Discover your limitations
    • Develop ability to act by and for yourself
    III. Comittment
    • Consolidation (drop friends, hobbies, and dreams that don't serve you)
    • Focus on most important social relationships and personal mission
    • Maximize your own potential in your life
    IV. Legacy
    • Enoying the fruit of your work
    • Giving back

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