Sentimental Education

Feelings, Emotions, Morals.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"
- Aristotle
You might have heard about Emotional Intelligence (EI), which is the skill to understanding and leveraging our emotions.

Meanwhile, Sentimental Education (SE) is a more holistic education of the heart through appreciation of emotions, ethics and aesthetics. It is key to build self-awareness and resilience.

We focus on Sentimental Education because it helps you to distinguish a meaningful life from a productive one.

Lastly, for the 21st century worker, soft skills based on human qualities will be the key to thrive in and shape AI-based economies.
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"Once we know and are aware, we are responsible for our action and our inaction. We can do something about it or ignore it. Either way, we are still responsible."
— Jean-Paul Sartre

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