Let us help your awareness

We want to empathize, encourage and inspire you to live a more meaningful and joyful life.
"The journey of a 1000 miles begins with one single step."
- Confucius

Who is this for?

The Stressed
Young professionals who feel increasingly discontent by the stress of everyday life

The Unfocussed
Individuals who struggle to sustain focus because of constant distractions and information overload.
The Searchers For Meaning
Everyone who is curious to get a fresh perspective on what gives meaning to life.

What you can expect from our Awareness Exchange?

Listeners first
Genuine desire to understand the journey that brought you here
Common ground
Sharing passions and interests that define our personalities
Open book
We answer all of your questions and inspire a new level of thinking

How does it work?

Only a few clicks to sign-up for our free, 1-hour awareness exchange via Skype
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Proceed to sign-up form and leave your email
We will get in touch to find the best date and time
Exchange & Inspire (virtually)
Let's have fun and get to know each other
What our participants say

NOW is the right time

In times of covid-19, we are all at home starting to ask ourselves the big questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the awareness exchange?
We want to get to know each other and identify how echoLX can create value for you.
What happens after the awareness exchange?
If you decide that our approach might be something for you, we can do these exchanges more regularly. Our focus would then be on sharing and implementing concepts we have learned to help you on your journey. How does that sound?
I have severe anxiety and depression, is this for me?
While we wish to help you, if that is the case you should seek help from a clinical psychologist. Use these awesome resources from our friends from Hug-A-Group
Do you have any formal education in something you are talking about?
Nope, no formal education. But then, life experience is a better teacher and we want to guide you to teach yourself to find out what's meaningful to you.
Do I have to pay?
Nope. All for free :)
How long is the awareness exchange?
We offer you one hour of your time, with room for flexibility in case our exchange takes longer or shorter.
How do we connect online?
We use skype for our awareness exchanges. The reason why we prefer skype over google hangouts or zoom, is that the latter have time limits that would cut the exchange too short.
Who will be moderating the exchange?
We try to be both present at the exchange, so that one of us moderates the exchange while the other might take some notes from what is being discussed.
What are you doing with the notes from our exchanges?
If you express interest in echoLX, we would save the notes from our exchanges securely and use them as the foundation for future exchanges.

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